Judging Instructions

The following is a quick reference guide to judging using our online system. If you need further support, please contact [email protected]

Step 1

Go to thermas.co.uk/wp-login.php and enter the login details from your email.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, click on the category link from your email. 

Step 3

To download the entries, click on the link underneath the category title.
Within this file, you will see the entry folders.  The file names show the name of the agency entering and their client if applicable and they each contain their entry and any supporting documents if submitted. 

Step 4

We recommend that you open and review all entries before submitting any marks.  Once you have submitted a mark, it cannot be edited.

Please do take the time to follow any links within the documents/watch any videos; this is especially important within the digital categories.

Step 5

To begin the marking process simply select your name from the drop down menu and the entry which you wish to score. *Please ensure each time you submit a mark that you are doing so under the correct name. 

You will then work your way through each of the subsequent drop-down boxes and award a mark for this entry based on the criteria.

Please do make notes where possible.  Not only are they really helpful for refreshing your memory at the judging session but we may use them when announcing the winners at the event. *All comments are anonymous  

Once the form is completed press submit!

Step 6

You will then repeat step 5 until all of your marks have been submitted.

Step 7

All marks need to be submitted by Wednesday 10 August at 12.00

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