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  • Round Up May 2024
    Download My Free Whitepaper - “10 Ways AI Will Transform Talent Acquisition”  https://recruitingfuturefeast.com/transform Check out my new course on planning strategically for the future - Trend Spotting https://matt-alder-s-school.teachable.com/p/trendspotting Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of […]
  • Ep 619: TA On The Brink Of Revolution
    During May, Recruiting Future combined forces with The Chad and Cheese Podcast to run two face-to-face TA leader meet-ups in Edinburgh and Glasgow. TA is on the brink of a revolution, and people expect significant changes in the coming months and years. While there was some anxiety about potential future scenarios, there was genuine excitement […]
  • Ep 618: Breaking The Rainbow Ceiling
    Currently, there are only four LGBTQ+ CEOs in the Fortune 500 and none in the FTSE 100. This really illustrates the hidden challenges and differences in professional opportunities for LGBTQ+ people, especially when it comes to promotion and recruitment into senior roles. Many employers publically say that improving diversity and inclusion in their workforce is […]
  • Ep 617: The Practicalities of Skills-Based Hiring
    Skills-based hiring is not just a passing trend; it's a significant shift in the recruiting landscape. Many employers are eager to unlock its advantages in terms of flexibility, diversity, economic efficiency, and dealing with talent shortages. But is there a gap between theory and practice regarding understanding and implementation? Over the last few months, experienced […]
  • Ep 616: AI And The Art Of The Possible
    Podcasting at events and conferences is one of my favorite things to do. I love the joy of seeing people face to face, and you get the opportunity to access a broad range of views and expertise around the topics shaping the industry. At the beginning of May, Recruiting Future was an official media partner […]
  • Ep 615: Building Inclusive Hiring Practices
    Inclusive hiring is vital to building inclusive organizations, and the benefits of getting it right are considerable, both at a human and a business level. Recognizing bias, standardizing hiring manager behavior, and analyzing data are just some of the things employers need to consider to be more inclusive in their hiring. My guest this week […]
  • Ep 614: Reinventing The Recruiting Process
    The pace of change in recruiting technology continues to accelerate, and with it come opportunities to improve hiring outcomes, streamline operational efficiency, and make much-needed improvements to the candidate experience. When you add in increasing volumes of applications driven by candidate use of AI and the differing wants and needs of a new generation entering […]
  • Ep 613: Talent Automation
    As I've said many times before, automation in recruiting and HR is inevitable. This means that every TA and HR leader should be thinking strategically about automation, its implications, and, most importantly, the value that it will add right now. So what are the benefits of automation, and where and how should talent functions be […]
  • Ep 612: AI-Powered Job Seekers
    It is becoming clear that job seekers' use of AI tools in the application process has profound implications for talent acquisition. Many employers report a significant increase in application volume, and there is a potential technology arms race as employers and job boards attempt to use AI to identify AI. While this may help in […]
  • Ep 611: Doing Hiring Differently
    Many aspects of how companies hire talent have been set in stone and unquestioned for decades. Even if Talent Acquisition wants to drive change, the power of accepted wisdom among hiring managers and the C-Suite is difficult to challenge. So what happens when the CEO of a business champions a completely different way of doing […]